Lifetime Membership Includes

  • Real-World Applications

    In the course we cover real-world applications that you can show future clients or employers to help you land a software developer job. These applications are modern and updated regularly.

  • Object Oriented Training

    In this course, we cover object oriented programming, one of the most important topics to learn and cover when first learning about programming. We cover this in-depth and have multiple videos and text on the subject.

  • Private Facebook Group

    We have created a private Facebook group for all members that join this course. There I answer questions regarding the course or any programming issues. On top of that, I post additional programming information not in the course.

  • Professional Mentorship

    Along with the course, you will get access to mentorship from senior developers that will answer any questions you may have from coding to landing your job.

  • FREE eBook

    We are including our amazing 'How To Become A Software Developer in 2020' eBook in this course. It has great tips on writing your resume and cover letter to stand out from the competition, along with interview help.

  • Video Tutorials

    And of course, we have over 5 hours of video tutorials on C# programming throughout the course. It is structured in a way you can follow along easily with our instructors.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - What is a Software Developer?

    • Intro to Chapter 1 - Software Developer

    • Before we begin...

    • Why You Made The Right Choice - Becoming a Software Developer

    • Overview of a Software Developer

    • Overview of Software Development Job Opportunities

    • Perks of Becoming a Software Developer

    • Recap of What You Just Read

    • Pop Quiz!

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Getting Started with Programming

    • What is a Programming Language?

    • What to Expect in Chapter 2 - Programming In-Depth

    • Introduction to C# Programming In-Depth

    • Quiz - Programming Questions

    • FREE BOOK - Learning about Programming Before You Begin

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Programming in C#

    • Introduction to C#

    • Download Visual Studio Link

    • How To Install Visual Studio

    • Hello World

    • Writing to the Console - C#

    • Reading from the Console - C#

    • Using C# Classes in Our Application

    • Introduction to Variables and Data Types

    • Your First Console Application

    • More Data Types

    • Your Second Console Application - What's your name?

    • If and Else Statements

    • If and Else Statements Continued

    • Introduction to Classes

    • Introduction to Getters and Setters

    • Getters and Setters Continued

    • Introduction to Constructors

    • Introduction to Inheritance

    • Putting it All Together

    • Creating Your Own Algorithm - Bubble Sort

    • Creating a Calculator Application

    • Introduction to GitHub

    • Creating a Black Jack Application

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Continuous Learning

    • What to Expect

    • How to Keep Learning

    • FREE Links - Where to go from here?

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - How to Apply For Jobs

  • 7

    Chapter 6 - What do Entry Level Jobs Look For?

    • Types of Positions to Apply For

    • How to Create a Portfolio

    • Studying for an Interview

    • What Employers Look For

  • 8

    Chapter 7 (Bonus) - Software Developer Career Path

    • Congrats and Thank You!

    • Congrats - Your a Software Developer!

    • Review of the Course

    • Download the Free eBook Here

At the end of this course you will know how to..

  • Understand and write C# Code

  • Understand basics of Object Oriented Programming

  • Create a Resume for a Software Developer Position

  • Land that Software Developer Job!

  • And much more!



Casey V

This course was great, and realyl covered a lot about c# programming. Learn alot about programming, software development and how to really get a job as a developer. I think this course is amazing for $99 and you cant beat it. with all that is included it is a awesome course

Great Course!

Ibby X.

Great course. I did learn about C# programming and becoming a software engineer really. I would recommend this course for beginners, it really does have a lot of great content!


Michael G

I loved this course! it is really easy to follow along even someone like me who had no programming experience. I loved the fact they show you how to create a resume so you can start applying for jobs right away!

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